LEED Construction

Planning, Designing, Building for the Future

In order to preserve the environment and protect the planet’s resources Cornerstone Contracting Inc. is dedicated to providing LEED Construction services that result in ecologically responsible building designs and functionality. LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environment Design - is an internationally recognized system for certifying a building designed and built to defined standards of environmental sustainability.  

Cornerstone Contracting is proud of its commitment to creating and erecting designs with sustainable attributes featuring a high level of environmental responsibility.  Our portfolio of LEED Construction clients and projects illustrates both our dedication to building viable work or recreational settings and solid, lasting relationships.

Throughout the LEED Construction process the dedicated LEED specialists at Cornerstone work with architects, designers and owners to ensure project goals for environmental stewardship are implemented properly and meet strict specifications.

To plan and erect a Green building you can be proud of call on the construction professionals who take great pride in their commitment to the environment. The LEED Construction Services from Cornerstone Contracting are among the finest in the industry.

Contact Us to learn more about our LEED Construction capabilities, and how your next project will benefit from our vast expertise and commitment to creating sustainable buildings.