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Please answer the following questions in relation to the past 7 years.

Has your company ever petitioned for bankruptcy, failed in a business endeavor, defaulted, been terminated, assessed liquidated or other damages on a contract awarded to you?

Has your firm ever failed to complete an awarded contract?

Has your firm ever been disbarred from public work?

Has any entity ever made a claim against your company for defective, improper, or non-conforming work or for failing to comply with warranty obligations?

Has your company been involved with any litigation, mediation, and/or arbitration with an owner, design professional and/or general contractor?

Has your surety ever finished one or more of your construction projects?

Has a complaint ever been filed with a Contractor’s State License Board against your firm?

Does an employee of Cornerstone Contracting, Inc., directly or indirectly own a portion of your company or an affiliated company?

Has your firm had any citations or fines from the EPA, any other state or federal environmental or air quality regulatory authorities?

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